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Cabra-Vale Diggers Redevelopment

Consultation Overview

Cabra Vale Diggers are fortunate to have a visionary board, highly proficient management team and loyal members. In response to the ongoing challenges impacting the registered clubs sector, we are proposing to undertake a once in a generation development project to diversify income streams to ensure we can continue to support our members and the wider community.
Thank you to everyone that has contributed to this consultation from 3-30 July 2017. On 18 August 2017, the Development Application was lodged with Fairfield City Council. To track its journey, please visit Council's website and search on DA number 446.1/2017.
The proposed development includes the following improvements:
  • Two new bowling greens positioned at the south western side of the club with an amazing club house
  • New indoor community hub for activities including zumba, table tennis, indoor bowls, karaoke etc
  • New 700 capacity auditorium to enable more entertainment offerings
  • Increase of meeting rooms from four to eight to provide more facilities to sub-clubs, local not-for-profit organisations and to support local businesses requiring meeting spaces
  • New cafe positioned centrally within the club
  • New and more spacious gaming room though retaining the same number of machines
  • New 120 room hotel positioned on the north eastern side of the club to meet a gap in the local market, provide additional local employment opportunities and to attract more commercial events including conferences to the local area, providing benefits to our local businesses
  • An additional 272 car parking spaces
How can I find out more and have my say?
The pre-development application consultation ended on 30 July 2017. However, once the application is placed on exhibition by Fairfield City Council, the community will once again have the opportunity to provide feedback.